Software development for case management stays at the core of the services provided by Miller Computer Group. We have developed this software to make Case Management Easy. Both Law Enforcement and Private Investigators alike use this software to … indeed … Make Case Managment Easy

Miller Computer Group Inc was founded in 1992 by Roy Miller. The primary goal of MCG was simply to develop software specifically for investigative case management. The tag line of MCG states ‘Solutions for Litigators and Investigators’ precisely says what we do and we’re good at it. Proof is indicated by our flag ship product Case Works being voted best Case Management Software – 15 Years running

Private Investigator Version

We look to provide solutions to complex case management along with the necessary evils of bookkeeping. Little known fact is that 70% of PI’s and Attorneys that go into business go out of business within three years. The reasons for business closures are different, but at the core of most there is a common pattern. Normally attributed to folks who are good technicians at their chosen profession, but don’t know how to bring money management to bear.

Case Works has proven to help entrepreneurs increase there revenue up to 50%. In some case, some clients will tell you, such as Alex Salazar, that if it wasn’t for Case Works, his agency would have gone out of business.